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Sacred Yoruba land



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The dense forest of the Osun Sacred Grove is some of the last remnants of primary high forest in southern Nigeria. Through the forest meanders the river Osun, the spiritual abode of the river goddess Osun. Set within the forest sanctuary are forty shrines, sculptures and art works erected in honour of Osun and other Yoruba deities, two palaces, five sacred places and nine worship points strung along the river banks with designated priests and priestesses.

Osun-Osogbo Sacred Grove has become a sacred place for the whole of Yorubaland and a symbol of identity for the wider Yoruba Diaspora.

The Grove is an active religious site where daily, weekly and monthly worship takes place. In addition, an annual processional festival to re-establish the mystic bonds between the goddess and the people of the town occurs every year over twelve days in July and August and thus sustains the living cultural traditions of the Yoruba people.

The Grove is also a natural herbal pharmacy containing over 400 species of plants, some endemic, of which more than 200 species are known for their medicinal uses.

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Yoruba land has a very rich and diverse cultural heritage. The richness of the Yoruba culture in Nigeria can be seen and experienced in their festivals.
These festivals feature lots of entertainment which include traditional musicians with heavy rhythm and their traditional instrument, drums, and advanced percussion, various traditional Yoruba cultural dance.
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osun sacred grove festival 

world sango festival


eyo Festival


egungun festival


museums & sacred sites

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We offer customized package options tailored for individual needs. Including festivals, shrines, museums, art galleries, initiation, Freedom Park, Lagos Beach (prices vary),divination and spiritual work. Packages include airport pick up,food,transportation,divination (ebo not included) and lodging. Basic Packages start at $2,000 for 1 week with your choice of  festivals/shrines/art galleries/Freedom Park, Lagos Beach Resorts, etc.  *Message us for more information.*

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  Journey to Yorubaland

In South-Western Nigeria, lies Osun, a culturally charged state where the Yorubas remain indigineous and continue to practice ancient sacred traditions that go back thousands of years.
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world ifa temple


ooni of ife palace


national museum



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